Meet Our Team




Management Team

  • Dr Lee Salkeld - Clinical Director
  • Julie McFadden - PCN Manager
  • Stacey Cook - PCN Administrator

Clinical Pharmacist Team

Senior Clinical Pharmacists

Supports and manages all Clinical Pharmacists across the 4 practices.

  • Uzma Iqbal
  • Stewart Whitehouse
  • Amy Williams

Clinical Pharmacists

Provide specialist pharmaceutical support to all 4 practices. Carry out structured and clinical medication reviews for long term conditions. They manage hospital discharge summaries to ensure correct medication is provide and, if necessary, refer to an appropriate Healthcare professional for the correct after care.

  • Aoife Hooper
  • Oliver Kupich
  • Iram Malik
  • Laura Raybould
  • Yin Wong
  • Edyta Mis-Teklinska
  • Naomi Browne

Prescribing Hub Team

Senior Pharmacy Technician / Hub Manager

Supports and manages the day to day running of the Prescribing hub and liaises with Care Homes for medicine optimisation. 

  • Mandy Hodges

Pharmacy Technicians

Process all prescription requests across all 4 surgeries and ensure all blood tests and reviews are up to date. They manage hospital letters, add any new medication and update any dose changes if needed. 

  • Ben Garamella
  • Sarah Huxtable

Prescribing Clerks

Manages and allocates all prescription requests for the 4 practices and deals with any prescription queries patients may have.

  • Tracey Catley
  • Jackie Parker
  • Nicola Stevens

MSK Team

A team of first contact physiotherapists who deal with musculoskeletal issues for patients over the age of 18. They give expert advice on how to best manage your condition in a longer and more in-depth appointment. They have direct access to test results and can refer to specialised service if needed. Some of our team physios are also trained in administering steroid injections for pain management.

First Contact Practitioners

  • Lucy Bourne
  • Kate Drayton
  • Dan Griffin
  • Alexa Holden
  • Sean Lewis
  • Polly Roberts
  • Simon Shepherd
  • Renata Titursova

Social Prescribing Team

A non-clinical team who provide a service to support health and wellbeing for patients over the age of 18. They have links to services, education and support groups within the local community. They offer financial or benefit entitlement support including help with form filling, along with support for mental health, bereavement and social isolation.

Social Prescriber Link Workers

  • Caroline Parsons
  • Will Shipp
  • Siobhan Buck

Nursing Associate Team

Team Manager

An advanced nurse practitioner who manages and provides clinical support to the Nursing Associate and Care Coordinator teams.

  • Lorraine Little

Nursing Associates

A team of Registered Nursing Associates who provide care to housebound patients. They focus on monitoring patients with long term health conditions and carry out annual reviews when needed. They help with the administration of medication, vaccinations and carry out wound care management when needed.

  • Annabel Milton
  • Jenna Hancock

IT Hub

Digital and Transformation Lead

Manage and support the IT hub team. Working closely with GP digital leads from each practice and external organisations to ensure the smooth running of new projects while staying up to date with any technical advancements that can improve our way of working, creating a digital strategy to ensure that the PCN meets the ever changing needs of its patients. 

  • James Ewing

IT Hub Administrators

The first point of contact for all technical issues and requests. The team manages SMS and letter comms to patients, new staff starter and leaver setups, as well as managing various systems they’ve developed over the years such as Chronic Disease recalls, Diary recalls, Drug Monitoring recalls.

  • Thomas Chriswick
  • Lee Robotham
  • Seth Sztarek

Personalised Care Team

Care Coordinators

Non-clinical role providing coordination and navigation of care and support across the health service. They support vulnerable patients by making and managing appointments, answering queries or concerns. They work closely with the GPs and other primary care professionals within the PCN, making sure that appropriate support is made available to patients and their carers. Their aim is to help improve patients’ quality of life and help manage their own wellbeing based on what matters to the person.

  • Louise Charlton
  • Clinton Hatcher