Prescribing Hub




A new prescribing hub is being launched, to serve the prescribing needs of the four medical practices that make up Healthwest PCN:

image depicting prescribing hub


What is the benefit of having a prescribing hub?

The hub will give a single point of service for all your prescription needs, providing continuity and a high level of service to all patients. It will simplify and streamline the prescription service, reducing wastage, liaising with pharmacies, synchronising repeat prescriptions, undertaking medication reviews and empowering patients to take control of their prescriptions and medications. 


Will this affect how I order and collect my prescription?

No. You can still drop your repeat prescription into your normal surgery


How can you help your practice?

Make sure your GP practice has your up-to-date contact number so the prescription team can contact you if they need further information about your request.

Order at least three days before your medication is needed to ensure your prescription arrives at your chosen pharmacy in time.

Only order the items you need for the next month to avoid having large stocks of medication at home.

If you order a number of medicines, it is easier for your GP practice if you order them all at the same time. If you need help making sure that all your medicines run out at the same time, please contact the prescription team at the hub, clearly stating which practice you are registered with. Email:


How to Order Your Prescription

  • Order using your patient access account. If you don’t have an account and would like to use the online service please contact your surgery for further information. Order through your local pharmacy
  • Email the prescription hub with your request stating: your name, address and date of birth and medication required. Email:
  • Deliver or post repeat slip to your practice. Repeat prescription requests cannot be taken over the phone.