Musculoskeletal Services




Within Healthwest PCN we employ several First Contact Physiotherapists who are embedded within each practice. 

A First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP) is a highly specialist Physiotherapist who has advanced training and experience in dealing with complex musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders.

image of a physiotherapist

The FCP will work closely with reception teams to enable appropriate patients to be triaged and booked directly into their diaries rather than needing to see a GP first, allowing patients to get appropriate treatment and advice sooner. 

All FCPs are able to assess your musculoskeletal condition and offer advice and guidance for the best way to manage your condition. If appropriate the FCP will make onward referrals for imaging and investigations,  and they can refer to local NHS services for further treatment when required (for example local physiotherapy services or orthopaedic Surgeons). 

Some FCPs, depending on training and experience, can offer Steroid Injections for relief of some joint and soft tissue pain and/ or prescribe some pain relief medication to facilitate your recovery.

The FCPs will engage directly with the GPs and Nurses in the practice and the wider Health Professional teams where appropriate (GPs, Pharmacists, Community nursing, community rehabilitation teams etc) to ensure safe and timely treatment for your condition. 


Examples of when you should See your FCP

  • If you are over 18 years old
  • Muscle or joint pain(s)
  • Back pain, with or without Sciatica
  • For assessment of new or long-standing injury.
  • For possible injection/ discussion around injection for joint pain(s).
  • If you care considering Surgery for your MSK condition and would like to discuss all your options.
  • Advice and guidance after surgery or Fracture if not already under a physiotherapy service